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Focusing on the non-Western areas where the majority of the world's population resides, the authors explore options for adapting and transforming schools to better respond to the needs and aspirations of local populations, and that reflect the values and worldviews of the majority world.
The authors here provide a menu of ideas to engage the changes taking place in the world and the church so that Christians can be relevant, not only to those in the West, but also to those from the majority world.
Facilities that host student placements benefit from the students knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm, which are valuable commodities in the majority world.
The West seems set in a misanthropic mode that bates the narrative breath in an attempt to produce authorless texts, while the Majority World values the individual but is highly critical of elitist self-consciousness.
We are balancing our desire to distribute the IBMR as widely as possible, especially in the Majority World, at a price people can afford and in a useful and convenient format, with our need to produce the journal at a significant cost reduction.
However, this is but one aspect of the world's food system that Patel focuses on to demonstrate that most of the world's farmers, and certainly those in the majority world, are "at the blunt end of abuses of power.
There is a clear and present danger in the world today: a complex interplay of discrimination, global poverty, majority world debt, infectious disease--the haves and the have-nots--global inequality and deepening socio-economic divisions that are key elements of global insecurity .
But do we truly think of our brothers and sisters in the majority world as our family?
Stop the War Coalition spokeswoman Carmel Brown said: ``This is a war that is ``in materialbreach'' of the express wishes of not just the the British population, but majority world opinion.
This article deals with five significant facets of mission research as experienced within a Majority World mission movement: (1) the role of a mission researcher in the development of the Korean missionary movement, (2) empirical research as incarnational, (3) the significance of humility in integrating various disciplines, (4) the need to update the methodology of mission research, and (5) future prospects for mission research.
In Africa and other parts of the majority world church, John 10:10 is the biblical metaphor for grace.
Perkins wrote his book with the benefit of personal experience--he was once an EHM himself until he decided to turn his back on the empire he served to advocate for the oppressed and exploited peoples of the majority world.