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Perveiz Mahjoor said that a[euro]oeHamesh Khalila[euro](tm)s works should be compiled into different volumes and requested Hamesh Khalil to write his autobiography which will be a fair account of the political and literary history of Pashto and the Pathans of 20th Centurya[euro].
Some distance from the hospital, people wait for boats of Shikarawallas and NDRF personnel to ferry them to the worst- hit Mahjoor Nagar locality.
Ihsanullah Mahjoor, president of the Paktia Press Club, appreciated the move but said that official cooperation was direly needed to promote access to information.
For the first time in Kashmir, the philately bureau will put around 1500 stamps on display, including rare ones like that of Kashmiri poet Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor and the indigenous chinar leaf as well - all under one counter.
Fasha (Farshad) Mahjoor, a British-Iranian businessman, will rappel down the side of Europe's tallest office building next month along with Prince Andrew as part of a fundraising stunt for charity.
Nowshera DCO Ayaz Mandokhel, eminent poets Dr Raj Wali Shah Khattak, Dr Yar Muhammad Maghmoom, Dr Pervez Mahjoor, film star Jamil Babar, film writer Salim Chottoo, Fakhar ud Din TV Drama Writer, Dr Humayun Hamdard, TV Artist, Javed Babar, Naeem Jan, Toheed Qureshi, Sultan Shah and popular singer Bakhtiar Khattak and Fayaz Kheshki also addressed the ceremony on this occasion.
Nayeema Mahjoor speaking at the Youth Festival in Srinagar said that the media in Kashmir was suffering from the men in uniform and unseen hands and advocated a press totally free from government control, Kashmir Media Service reported.
Phenomenex CEO, Fasha Mahjoor, Survives Jump off the 87th Floor of Skyscraper (September 03, 2012 10:54 PM) Source: Phenomenex
City South police arrested a notorious stone pelter, who purportedly revealed about eight other stone pelters, who were also later arrested at different places around Mahjoor Nagar in Srinagar.
Just hours ago, Phenomenex CEO, Fasha Mahjoor, successfully rappelled/abseiled down 87 floors of The Shard in London, Europe's tallest building, alongside Prince Andrew, HRH Duke of York, and a small group of fellow philanthropists to raise a combined estimated 2,000,000/ $3,167,800 for the educational charity, The Outward Bound Trust.