marginal propensity to consume

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Marginal Propensity to Consume

In Keynesian economics, the amount of a person's increase in income spent on goods and services as opposed to saved. It is measured as a ratio of a change in consumption to a change in income. For example, if one receives a $5,000 raise in salary and spends $3,000, the MPC is 0.6. Factors affecting the MPC include interest rates and the relative expense of goods and services. See also: Marginal propensity to save.

marginal propensity to consume (MPC)

the fraction of any change in NATIONAL INCOME that is spent on consumption:


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However, Taylor cautions that additional research will be required to determine if inhibiting MPC activity might be a safe approach for human therapies, especially in people under high levels of physical stress or with other medical complications.
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