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Surgical Procedures performed and Histopathological Diagnosis Surgery Done HPR Frequency % Hemithyroidectomy MNG 5 62.
The diagnosis of MNG with compromised airway was made and total thyroidectomy was planned.
In the United States, MNG is generally nonendemic and unrelated to iodine deficiency, as distinguished from endemic goiter caused by iodine deficiency in other parts of the world.
For simplicity, we will only use MNG metamaterial slab to improve the WPT system in the following section.
The MNG design with improved bandwidth is done in two stages.
In turn, MNG group CEO Mehmet Nazif Gunal underlined that "Tunisia's greater openness after the January 14 Revolution, 2011 encouraged the group to seek investment opportunities in the country.
This paper postulates that the co-existence of EMF, CCP and MNG in the above mentioned geographic areas points to the possibility of these land masses being joined together has one single land mass-Lemuria.
The MNG material need be achieved in a planar structure composed of nonmagnetic conductive resonant elements [19].
Serimax will provide welding services for the Ras Az-Zawr to Riyadh water pipeline transmission system, working on behalf of contractor Mapa-Limak- MNG and end client Saline Water Conversion Corporation.
has signed a new operational agreement with leading air cargo transportation company MNG Kargo as its global service participant in Turkey.
PARIS: MNG Airlines, Turkey s principal freight carrier, has ordered two long-haul A330-200F cargo planes, the European manufacturer Airbus said Friday.