Moody's Investment Grade

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Moody's investment grade

A rating of one through four assigned by Moody's Investors Service to bonds.

Moody's Investment Grade

1. A ratings system used by Moody's to gauge the risk of municipal bonds and the creditworthiness of their issuers. The ratings are number one through four, with a one (MIG 1) representing the highest quality and a four (MIG 4) representing the lowest quality.

2. In other bonds, a rating higher than Baa, indicating that the issue is sufficiently low risk as to allow banks to invest in them. See: Investment-grade.

Moody's Investment Grade (MIG)

A rating system used by Moody's Investors Service for municipal notes. The rating system classifies notes into four grades: MIG 1, best quality; MIG 2, high quality; MIG 3, favorable quality; and MIG 4, adequate quality.
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Moody's Investors Services assigned an MIG1 rating -- the highest bond anticipation note rating given by the bond-rating agency.
There was strong genetic similarity between the papaya accessions IMA6 (Papayi) and MIG1 (Papayi) and between JKU2 (Papayi) and KIZ3 (Apoyo) (Figure 1) all of which were classified in cluster A.
In addition, the expectation of continuing financial stress over the near term is reflected in the MIG2 rating to the April and May maturities of the fiscal 1992-93 Revenues Anticipation Notes, as compared to the MIG1 ratings assigned to such note offerings in previous years.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Moody's Investors Service announced today that it has assigned a rating of MIG1 to $300 million State of Illinois general obligation certificates of October 1992 which are to be offered through competitive bid on Sept.
assigned ratings of MIG1 to the State of New Jersey's expected
To date, Moody's has assigned almost 200 short-term MIG1 ratings on tax and revenue anticipation notes issued by localities for the 1992-93 fiscal year.