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No MAPI Conflict - One disadvantage of MAPI is that it sometimes conflicts with other APIs installed on a workstation (particularly GroupWise) which can cause migration errors.
Unlike competing approaches that are built primarily on either a network-compression or storage (caching) philosophy (like many WAFS-only architectures), Steelhead appliances are based on the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS(TM)), which accelerates all TCP-based applications, including common applications like Windows file sharing, MAPI, Microsoft SQL and DPM, NetApp's SnapMirror, Symantec's NetBackup and FTP, while adding incremental application-specific latency optimizations to minimize the impact of latency on key applications.
The new global settings for forms will greatly improve our productivity, HTML output will reduce coding, MAPI support will enable better integration with Lotus Notes/Domino and MS Outlook, and many of the other features will further simplify our use of FormScape and add value for our customers to enhance their ROI.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Steelhead 1010's Effective WAN Capacity Improvements Outpace Competition by more than a Factor of 10; Applications Tested Include: CIFS, MAPI, HTTP, FTP and Lotus Notes
Users can choose to encrypt already-received messages using an "encrypt this message" option available in both the Web Interface and through Outlook using the CommuniGate Pro MAPI client.
0 includes an optional MAPI plug-in that allows Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise, Eudora or Lotus Notes (in development) to connect to the secure S-Doc server as "just another account" in the mail service and be used to securely send email and attachments to other S-Doc users, just like regular email.
3 version, VoIP integration with email has been extended to allow users to initiate SIP calls directly from their address book, using either the CommuniGate Pro MAPI connector for Outlook or Web mail.
Like MAPI for Exchange, the CIFS protocol sends data serially and in small blocks.