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Lymph-A transparent, slightly yellow liquid found in the lymphatic vessels.
Healthy lymphatic vessels are -- very simply and without controversy -- essential to good health.
The submucosa also contains lymphatic vessels and a nerve plexus.
The lymphatic vessels of the testes follow the gonadal vessels ascending through the spermatic cord, ending at the para-aortic and para-caval nodes at the renal hilum.
The VESSEL network brings together 12 academic and industrial partners with a common interest in morphogenesis of blood and lymphatic vessels and their role in tissue homeostasis.
These attract blood and lymphatic vessels to their vicinity and allow the cancer to flourish and spread.
14) The original protocol proposed by Cochran (15) called for bivalving the SLN through the hilum, with the intent to allow examination of the lymphatic vessels of the lymph node.
When this principle is applied to lymphatic flow, we can expect a stronger magnetic field to be generated by deep lymphatic vessels and nodal complexes compared to surrounding tissues, especially when congestion occurs.
In the joint department of Vascular Biology and Tumor Metastasis of Mannheim Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University and DKFZ, researchers are investigating how blood vessels and lymphatic vessels are newly formed in tumor diseases.
The lymphatic vessels carry lymph, cellular waste products, toxins, and pathogens to lymph nodes (filtering and infection-fighting sites) and on to the lymphatic ducts near the heart that dump the lymph into venous blood.
The most commonly involved structures in the supraglottic region are, in order of descending frequency, the epiglottis, arytenoids, aryepiglottic folds, and ventricular folds--areas rich in lymphatic vessels.
Despite the hypothetical spread of SFG rickettsiae from the site of tick feeding through lymphatic vessels to regional lymph nodes, regional lymphadenopathy is not a typical feature of RMSF.