long-term loss

Long-term loss

A loss on the sale of a capital asset held less than 12 months that can be used to offset a capital gain.

Long-Term Loss

A loss on a security one holds for longer than one year, or a loss from the sale of a capital asset. In both cases, a long-term loss may be used to offset a long-term gain in order to reduce one's tax liability for that year. Additionally, one may carry forward the first $3,000 of a long-term loss to a different tax year, giving one an even lower tax liability.

long-term loss

Losses on real property sold more than one year after purchase. Compare with long-term capital gains, which are profits earned on real property sold more than one year after purchase.Long-term losses must be deducted against long-term gains.

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RONNY DEILA wants to change Celtic's signing policy in January after being devastated by the long-term loss of skipper Scott Brown.
And manager Malcolm Crosby says the long-term loss of a player with two goals this season but, also, a host of assists is a "blow".
This landmark clinical trial testing once-daily oral acebilustat treatment over 48 weeks could be the first to establish proof-of-concept for an anti-inflammatory treatment specifically designed to prevent long-term loss of lung function in CF patients.
The new signings bring Cov up to a squad of 35 players with possible additions to come, notably as back up for Wayne Evans at scrum-half following the long-term loss of Pierre Ferre with injured knee ligaments.
They see any reduction in output in order to shore up the price as a long-term loss for them.
The project responds to the constraints of the target groups, such as long-term loss of contact with the work, limited time and financial opportunities, smaller choice of work, limited mobility, often little motivation and diminished self-esteem.
There will be more disruption this weekend as Tranmere adjust to the long-term loss of centre-back Marcus Holness, who faces surgery for a knee problem sustained in the goalless draw at Morecambe last Saturday.
Hyypia's problems have been compounded by the long-term loss of Wales international midfielder Andrew Crofts with a knee injury.
If the wineries are shut down, you'll also have a long-term loss of revenue.
Nolan is convinced that, despite the long-term loss of striker Andy Carroll, they have a squad that can keep the Upton Park boo-boys silent.
The Environment Agency is creating an area of saltmarsh and mudflat to compensate for the long-term loss of natural habitat from the new Redcar coastal flood defences and other planned flood defence schemes on the estuary.
There will be potential long-term loss of sandy coastline north of the Tyne.

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