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Summary: Both the euro and dollar react to their respective event risk; but the Euro Zone data holds greater implications for long-term trends.
Chapters include examinations of the impact of long-term trends of income inequality and discussion of long-term trends of family factors such as parental education level and family sizes.
57), with its grim picture for custom molders, I became curious about long-term trends in molding economics.
Because productivity growth rates can vary markedly from quarter to quarter, however, it has proved difficult for policymakers and analysts to distinguish between long-term trends and short-term cyclical trends.
of Education 2004 National Assessment of Educational Progress Long-Term Trends in Academic Progress
Will these long-term trends continue over the next decade?
These are important policy discussions, but what about the bigger picture and long-term trends for federal spending?
The parties have agreed to collectively assess the statewide composition of residential solid waste based on available information and to characterize and quantify the residential solid waste composition that would be amenable to source separation and curbside collection; to collectively prepare a market study using commercial information pertinent to Delaware to determine the historical, short-term and long-term trends for the sale and use of curbside source-separated materials; and to conduct a comprehensive review of mandatory curbside recycling programs adopted and operating throughout the U.
When users compare the resulting NCVS police-reported robbery rates and the UCR noncommercial robbery rates, the results reveal closely corresponding long-term trends.
While they're not entirely sure what the long-term trends suggest, and disagree somewhat about the import of the late-1990s' spike, they agree that productivity will continue to have a big impact on U.
That's not nearly enough data to determine either long-term trends or short-term variations in hurricane activity, he contends in a commentary also appearing in the July 20 SCIENCE.
Long-term trends like Moore's Law and its analogues for storage and bandwidth improvements have steadily pushed back the boundary of the impossible.