Long-Term Contract

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Long-Term Contract

1. A contract to perform work over a significant period of time. For example, a construction company may have a contract to build a skyscraper, which may take several years.

2. A futures contract or similar instrument that does not expire for several months or longer.

3. See: Long-term lease.
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However, the changes in LNG supply and demand as well the approaching expiry of long-term contracts could push more LNG sales onto spot markets and result in shorter contract lengths, the QNB said in its weekly economy report.
Most construction businesses use two different tax-accounting methods: one specifically for their long-term contracts and one generally for everything else.
Apart from these long-term contracts, Peterson recently supported the barge load-out of the 1,800Te Dudgeon offshore windfarm Substation.
Similarly, the volume risk is diminished by the "take or pay" clauses, an almost ubiquitous feature of long-term contracts that subjects the buyer to penalties if they do not take the agreed quantity of gas.
Bulgaria's National Electric Company (NEK) will start renegotiating the provisions of the long-term contracts with thermal power plants AES Galabovo and Contur Global Maritsa Iztok-3 to achieve lower prices of the electricity produced by the two US-owned TPPs.
This study assesses how European Union competition law should be applied to long-term contracts in EU natural gas markets, looking at both natural gas capacity reservation and commodity contracts, and the role of security of supply on issues of long-term contracts in the EU natural gas trade, arguing that competition law should not prevent long-term contracting and that any foreclosing effects should be addressed through restrictions on the use of capacity reservation contracts.
They enhance customer support through an agreement to place the sole-source items provided by a vendor under long-term contracts with performance metrics.
The IRS issued final regulations on revaluations of capital accounts and contributions of long-term contracts and proposed regulations on gain deferral on a sale of QSB stock, debt of disregarded entities and special allocations of foreign tax expenditures.
The real rip-off - and the real potential savings as far as Californians are concerned - isn't in sales that were completed three years ago, but the long-term contracts that are slated to bilk ratepayers for decades to come.
However, the Commission's Directorate-General for Competition, which is still examining long-term contracts with Italy, is insisting that it is open to dialogue.
Those with long-term contracts, with prices less subject to fluctuations or runups in the market, were much better off.
But Skovdahl has begun to turn the club's fortunes around and has secured a number of their top youngsters on long-term contracts.

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