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The UAE government has scooped up the first part of a $20 billion long term bond programme which was recently issued by the Dubai Government as part of what it called its long term financing strategy.
75 per cent in the future (based on long term bond rates) even though the liabilities (annuities) require a 7 per cent return.
Once a connection between a department in need and other 'adopting' departments is made, we hope a long term bond will develop so that the department impacted and its members can get the equipment and logistical support needed to rebuild their stations and departments in order to service their communities.
Vincent Young, chairman of Young Broadcasting, indicated that "this issue enables the company to take advantage of a particularly attractive long term bond interest rate environment and provide us with additional capital to expand through the purchase of additional television stations.
Country's third largest private sector bank, Axis Bank is to raise money via long term bonds.
In turn, that could have a substantially negative impact on long term bonds.
8221; the father-and-son economists examine exchange-traded fund (ETF) data over the past five years and find a surprisingly significant negative correlation between long term bonds and certain oil-related instruments.
Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis announced on Tuesday that the Government will issue new long term bonds to the international markets around mid January in order to meet public needs for the 2010, which approach 2.
Yields on long term bonds are higher than yields on short term bonds; with the yield on the 3 month T-bill hovering around 5.
the purpose of the issuance is to replace some of the company's short term domestic bank credit with long term bonds
On June 1st bond prices again tumbled sending the yields above seven percent and by June loth yields on the long term bonds hit 7.
TEL AVIV, Israel -- Ran Maidan, Makhteshim-Agan's (TASE: MAIN) Chief Financial Officer said that, "This issuance is an important step toward diversifying our funding sources and replacing some of the company's short term domestic bank credit with long term bonds.