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In an IP SAN, client server data is backed up to logical volumes presented by the storage provisioning appliance.
With advanced IP SAN that utilize multiple, active-active storage controllers (as is the case of the IP5000) exchange databases and log files can be distributed on different logical volumes and the access to these volumes are handled by the different storage controllers in the cluster.
Company Responds to Appetite for Very Large Logical Volumes (up to 1 Petabyte) as Physical Disk Drive Capacities Get Bigger and Datasets Expand
OneCommand Vision now adds a portfolio of options to meet the diverse needs of customers and also extends support to include host-centric and SAN-attached storage connected via iSCSI, Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Logical Volumes presented to servers.
Copies the contents of a designated storage array (or individual drive) to the unit that will replace it while applications continue to use the logical volumes.
The decoupling of physical storage from logical volumes makes these normally disruptive activities transparent to hosts.
A total of 256 logical volumes can be added to the iSCSI Subsystem.
The iSCSI V-Switch provides iSCSI--networked hosts with secure and trusted access to a variety of logical volumes residing on diverse storage systems within a SAN architecture.