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Corio's integrated global delivery model includes: -- Onshore/offshore service delivery -- Corio Applications on Demand(TM) IT process automation -- Industry leading cost efficiencies -- High standards of quality -- Location transparency of service delivery -- Full capabilities in the U.
Tifosi provides location transparency to business processes, allows changes to executing processes, and offers the ability to instantly redeploy processes.
This system facilitates scalability via application location transparency, and the ability to rapidly evolve services by reducing cross application dependency.
Tifosi provides location transparency to business processes by allowing developers to build applications independent of network connectivity requirements.
Noetix' software solution provides pre-built reporting layers for leading application packages, centralized security and administration, data location transparency, and query authoring enabling rapid implementation.
Deepak continues, "This technology brings location transparency to business processes.
DB2 DataJoiner, IBM's multi-database server, allows databases to remain autonomous while bringing location transparency to the organization.

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