local area network

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local area network (LAN)

a network of PERSONAL COMPUTERS used to undertake routine data processing functions in a business. Over the years these networks have become more complex and to this extent a ‘system crash’ or failure can be highly disruptive and expensive. Old-style PC networks were device-sharing facilities giving people access to a departmental printer or fax. If they went down, people could still carry on working. In modern networks, however, people use PCs to log on to the network for all their software, including word processing and databases, and to access information held on software in other departments. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.

local area network (LAN)

a network of computers within an organization, connected by cable or radio signals, to facilitate internal communications. Local area networks can, in turn, be interconnected through the INTERNET.
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The new system will be demonstrated at the Japan Local Network System booth at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2010, running September 14-17, 2010, at Tokyo Big Sight.
Diane Thompson, secretary, said: "This would not have been possible without the help of the Local Network Fund.
Group representatives can call 0845 113 0161 for an application pack for the Local Network Fund.
local network television signals provided through the satellite dish in the same service areas as the broadcast signal] legislation or fundamentally change the definition of 'unserved household.
Their application in local networks would open the way to providing many services not now connected to the average telephone, but this would require optical switches that can do the same interconnecting work as present-day electronic ones.
SAN architectures use a straightforward extension of the SCSI protocol to transport data efficiently over local networks.
By using grids, rather than straight-line service, Con Edison can provide multiple feeder cables in each local network.
July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Lantronix today announced the introduction of three Local Network Interconnect (LNI) products which can either enable up to eight devices to share a single Ethernet network connection, or allow the devices to form their own network.
Customer Premise Equipment Bonds Up to Six Broadband Connections Significantly Enhancing Local Network Speed and Reliability
K12HSN will provide local network administrators with Netcordia's NetMRI network analysis solution to provide schools, districts and county offices of education in California with opportunities to automate network management.
com, is one of the largest facilities-based competitive providers of bundled cable, high-speed internet and phone services delivered over its own fiber-optic local network to residential customers in the most densely populated markets in the U.
Ethernet Voice, Video or Data packets that are destined for a device located on a remote network or a different local network segment are 256 bit AES encrypted at the Link, Network or Transport Layer and then tunneled, bridged or routed to the destination network.

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