Lloyds of London

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Lloyds of London

A marketplace in London for underwriting syndicates.

Lloyd's of London

An insurance and reinsurance market in London. Active since the 1600s, it is not a company, but instead a society of individual and corporate members, who come together to spread and pool risk between themselves. Thus, Lloyd's insurance policies are backed by the financial stakes of its members. Lloyd's does not underwrite policies itself (it leaves that to members). but instead acts as a de facto regulator for the conditions under which its members offer policies.

Lloyd's has a three-tiered corporate structure: members, managers, and syndicates. Members provide capital and employ one or more underwriting syndicates. Managers provide the business infrastructure to syndicates for insurance and reinsurance policies. Syndicates underwrite risks and handle claims on particular policies. Complex and/or expensive policies often involve multiple syndicates. Lloyd's also employs brokers and service companies to facilitate transactions between clients and Lloyd's.
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The Bermuda-based firm, which ranges from international commercial underwriting to home insurance, also saw a strong performance from its US market and its Lloyds of London business.
Summary: Lloyds of London insurer Amlin has been plunged deep into the red following huge claims arising from the Japanese tsunami.
Young people are too often maligned for their dress sense, but students from Richmond School were commended for their smartness by an official at Lloyds of London.
will face Certain Underwriters Lloyds of London in court to settle outstanding claims related to a fire at the AERT Junction, Texas, plant in early 2003.
British insurance company Lloyds of London wants to search the crash site of a Swissair flight off the coast of Nova Scotia for some lost diamonds worth some USD300m.
LLOYD'S SUED: The state Department of Corporations said Thursday it has sued Lloyds of London and 103 other defendants, alleging fraudulent sale of risky securities.
CCRRG is fully approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance as a registered RRG, and backed by six Lloyds of London reinsurers.
Founded in 1992, Prime has formed strategic business relationships with some of the world's most powerful insurance companies including Lloyds of London and General Cologne RE.
Searchspace is a leading provider of intelligent software - they first came to prominence with an AI system for monitoring all stocks at the London Stock Exchange for detecting trading abuses (The Economist Unit 1996), further used at the large US exchanges and Lloyds of London for insurance spirals.
Underwriters at Lloyds of London and other London Market reinsurers were represented by Thomas J.
Consequently, the Company has obtained replacement coverage from its previous provider, Lloyds of London.
The fact that our rights-enabled applications facilitate a direct financial benefit to our customers in terms of optimized liability insurance rates from certain syndicates at Lloyds of London validates the importance and strength of our applications and of the InterTrust DRM technology," said Larry McArthur, chairman and CEO of TrustData Solutions.