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Among the Asia's four little dragons, Singapore and Hong Kong remain the world's No.
Little Dragons teaches children the basics in a fun and highenergy class, using positive teaching techniques to build confidence and self esteem to give them a head start in life.
For the four Asian little dragons, it cut the forecast of Singapore's growth rate by 0.
Meanwhile, ADB also adjusted downward its economic growth predictions for Asia's three other little dragons.
6% year-on-year, the worst performance among the four Asian little dragons.
5%, the lowest among the four Asian little dragons, mainly due to Taiwan's poor export performance.
Among Asia's four Little Dragons, Hong Kong also posted export growth of negative 1.
The development will threaten the championship of Taiwan in GDP growth among the four Asian little dragons this year.
In reference to the forecasts of various international bodies, such as Global Insight and International Monetary Fund, Liu stressed that Taiwan's economy will perform the best among the four Asian little dragons in 2012.
Financial Status of China & Asian's 4 Little Dragons Item Taiwan Singapore General Per capita income (US$) 20,600 50,700 economy Income distribution (time) 6.
42% predicted earlier in April, making Taiwan the third among Asia's four little dragons, with the IMF ranking Taiwan No.
However, Singapore and Hong Kong, Asia's two other little dragons, rank No.