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Listed and most other reportable transactions that are disclosed would escape penalty only if the taxpayer reasonably believed that the asserted tax treatment was more likely than not correct.
Aristotle, the gateway to the study of Thomistic theology; was the most prominent here, as thirty-three priests listed one or more of his works, but only three the works of Plato.
The initial TRI reports at least listed actual releases of chemicals into air, water, or soil where there was some potential for exposure.
recently listed in Amsterdam to provide a local market for employees to trade shares.
California taxpayers also have to disclose certain listed transactions in which they participated in previous tax years, even though the general disclosure requirements for reportable transactions are effective only for tax years after 2002.
In a case where a property is listed on an open listing basis (meaning that many agents are notified that the property is available but no one is directly responsible for the marketing), there is a tremendous disincentive for the open listing broker to notify anyone that the property is available other than customers the agents have good relationships with.
18 by the General Accounting Office (GAO), while it's not possible to save all species threatened with extinction, "biologists we interviewed suggested that recovery is possible for nearly 70 percent of the listed domestic species" -- if appropriate recovery plans are enacted.
The NYSE provides a reliable, orderly, liquid and efficient marketplace where investors buy and sell listed companies' common stock and other securities.
The IRS and Treasury are considering whether the minimum-fee requirement (discussed below) should be eliminated as to listed transactions.
During the June 6 hearing, it was suggested that giving taxpayers the right to rely on the list was impractical because the number of positions that would have to be listed would be enormous - unending - and because the facts of particular cases would be critical to determining whether substantial authority existed.
Based on market capitalization, more than 96% of the qualified domestic energy-related stocks are currently listed on NYSE Group, where energy company listings represent a total market capitalization of more than $3.