Liquid yield option note

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Liquid yield option note (LYON)

Zero-coupon, callable, putable, convertible bond developed by Merrill Lynch & Co.

Liquid Yield Option Note

A convertible, callable, and putable zero-coupon bond. A LYON is a bond that is convertible to common stock and may be bought or sold as an option, but which does not pay interest. Because it pays no interest, it is issued at a considerable discount from par value of the bond. This guarantees a positive return to the investor, at least until such time as it becomes profitable for the investor to put the bond back to the issuing company for an amount over the issue price. Generally, the total return on a LYON is less than that of the company's common stock, assuming the company does well.
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NYSE: RCL; Oslo) today announced a modification to the procedures for the partial redemption of its Liquid Yield Option Notes ("LYONs"), which were originally announced on July 27, 2005.
The biotech giant offered to purchase the liquid yield option notes, known as LYONs, that were due in 2032 at nearly 74 cents on the dollar.
The proceeds will be used by subsidiary Elan Finance Corporation to repurchase outstanding Liquid Yield Option Notes due in the year 2018.
While there, he was known for packaging unique deals such as the $965 million off, ring of liquid yield option notes (LYONs) to finance Euro Disney in 1990--at the time the largest convertible bond issue ever.
NEW YORK -- News America Incorporated (the "Company"), a subsidiary of News Corporation, today issued a notice to holders of the Company's Liquid Yield Option Notes (the "Securities") that such holders have the right to tender Securities for cash on the February 28, 2011 holder redemption date.
This facility will be available for six months from the date of close, and may be drawn on to refinance the company's February Liquid Yield Option Notes ("LYONs") debt and associated tax liability in the event the LYONs are put to the company or redeemed by the company in February 2006.
the "Company") (NASDAQ: CBRL) announced today that it has directed the trustee of its outstanding Liquid Yield Option Notes due 2032 (Zero Coupon - Senior) (Cusip Nos.
The revision to Outlook Positive reflects the substantial completion of SPX's realignment of its business portfolio, ongoing improvements in operating processes and performance, and expectations for increasing free cash flow even when excluding the impact of the redemption of liquid yield option notes (LYONs) in 2006.
the world's leading distributor of communication products, electrical and electronic wire & cable and a leading distributor of fasteners and other small parts ("C" Class inventory components) to Original Equipment Manufacturers ("OEMs"), announced it has completed the redemption of all outstanding Liquid Yield Option Notes due 2020.
25% Liquid Yield Option Notes due June 5, 2031, rated 'BBB-', have been Paid in Full.
The net proceeds of the offering of the senior subordinated notes are currently anticipated to be used for the repurchase of Liquid Yield Option Notes, or LYONs.
NYSE:SVU) today announced that it has paid approximately $213 million in cash to holders of Liquid Yield Option Notes due 2031 (Notes) that were put to SUPERVALU as of October 1, 2006.

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