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The initials VDB are well known to collectors of the Lincoln penny, the obverse (front surface) of which reflects the longest-running design in the history of US coinage.
In 1959, the redesigned Lincoln penny -- with an image of the Lincoln Memorial replacing two ears of wheat on the reverse side -- went into circulation.
An easy way for someone to check how their tires are stacking up is to take a Lincoln penny and while looking at the portrait of the 16th President, if the top of his head can be seen, that means the tread has been sufficiently worn down that replacement tires will be needed.
The Power of the Penny: Abraham Lincoln Inspires a Nation" begins with a poem inspired by the Abraham Lincoln penny, which ultimately reaches out to guide readers to search deep within themselves to become heroes and heroines like Lincoln, showing the values of kindness to others, practicing spirituality with humble honesty, remembering we are not alone, and using liberty to choose to live our lives to help create a better tomorrow.
Next February 12 is the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, and the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln penny.
The Lincoln penny of 1909 marked the first time the Mint used the image of a president on the nation's circulating coinage.
The familiar Lincoln penny appeared in 1909, the first U.
And on each one, he glues his personal trademark: a Lincoln penny, a symbol of his token status as well as a commentary on the value of emancipation without economic integration.
the Lincoln Bicentennial Commission suggested that a redesigned Lincoln penny series would highlight the importance of Lincoln's life in a visible way.
His many photographs of President Lincoln -- which he personally took -- were the models for the five-dollar bill and the Lincoln penny that we use as currency today.
It also contains proof versions of the Lincoln penny, the Jefferson nickel, the Roosevelt dime, the Kennedy half-dollar and the Golden Dollar featuring Sacagawea.
The tiny mPhase magnetometer, which fits on the dateline of a Lincoln penny, has already been shown to be an order of magnitude more sensitive than commercially available un-cooled devices.
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