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Work at SED has already commenced under a $10 million Limit of Liability from SEI while formal contract details are finalized.
Besides having the ability to package coverages under one policy, insurance companies can opt for one limit of liability rather than separate liability limits.
The E-RiskEdge - Select Community Bank Program provides a higher limit of liability than the original program.
com are underwritten by Zurich North America and have a $25 million limit of liability.
5 million or 200% of the UK Financial Services Authority's required minimum margin of solvency; (2) through a quota share reinsurance treaty, XLCA-UK will cede 97% of its net exposure to XLCA; and, (3) XLCA will assume 100% of net incurred losses in excess of 10% of XLCA-UK's capital and surplus, subject to a $50 million limit of liability.
Although PTNA's capital adequacy improved significantly as a result of the agreement, the agreement includes an aggregate limit of liability that is a function of certain factors and that may be reduced in the event that the subsidiaries do not obtain rate increases as the agreement may require.