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Joan Le Count, Hammersmith, West London: We live in a hard water area so we always use soda cystals to prevent limescale, which is a common cause for washing machines breaking down.
This way you can create an en-vogue bathroom without having to worry about the effects of limescale.
According to literature, the effectiveness of ModiSurf Clarity in repelling limescale was assessed by post dosing into commercial formulations.
The group said it planned to bring new products to market in the next six months, such as washing machine limescale remover Calgon Energis and Vanish Oxi Action Intelligence for tough stains and "invisible" grime.
A pensioner fell unconscious after using a mixture of cleaning detergents to remove limescale from her bath.
Using the latest Aqua Optima cartridges it filters limescale and other impurities from your water meaning hot and cold drinks will taste better than ever.
The factory has installed the Hydroflow water conditioning system to prevent the build up of limescale on the heat exchangers of the pasteurising system for the Fruit Spring line.
The new Acclario Kettle contains a Brita filter cartridge which reduces lead, limescale, copper, chlorine and other agents present in tap water.
Contract awarded for Constant water treatment plant facilities Chilseo remove limescale cleaning services
Many HDS machines feature Karcher's machine protector chemical system, preventing limescale build-up and corrosion of internal components.
LIMESCALE is the bane of many a kitchen or bathroom.