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The Company's shares trade on the Lima Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Lima) and on the TSX under the symbol "SMT".
London and Lima stock exchange collaboration announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.
Accompanying Velarde throughout Asia are Christian Laub, Chairman of the Lima Stock Exchange, and Jose Antonio Blanco, Executive Director of inPERU.
OAmong LanOs plans is a listing on the Lima Stock Exchange,O the Santiago-based carrier wrote today in an e-mail.
The minerals boom is driving growth across the Peruvian economy--even bolstering the Lima Stock Exchange.
2) Bank's remaining shares are traded on the Lima Stock Exchange and are widely held.
LIMA -- The Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) opened the new Market for the Emission of Non-Massive Instruments (Mienm) this week.
The day after the elections the Lima Stock Exchange suffered it biggest losses of the year, with a 2.
Led by Roberto Hoyle, Chairman of inPER and the Lima Stock Exchange, and with support from Peru's leading business associations, inPER (www.
As one of Peru's important trade partners, Korea is encouraged to also invest its capital directly in the Lima Stock Exchange and not only through global investment funds.
The fund invest in bond issuances of 15 to 20 firms on the Lima Stock Exchange and its Alternative Market, which is a debt and equity securities exchange platform focused on smaller and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that have annual sales below US$70 million.