lifetime cap

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Lifetime Cap

The maximum interest rate on an adjustable rate loan that may be charged over the total repayment period. For example, a loan may be made at 5% with a 7% lifetime cap, meaning the interest rate cannot rise above 7%.

lifetime cap

See life-of-loan cap.

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Proposals like these, alongside proposed policies like mandatory drug testing, lifetime caps on the amount of benefits someone can receive, and burdensome premiums and cost sharing would result in more obstacles to coverage and needed care for the most vulnerable Americans.
Elimination of lifetime caps or annual limits on coverage.
A participating plan would provide coverage without any annual or lifetime caps on benefits.
Retain ACA out of pocket restrictions so there are no annual and no lifetime caps on patient benefits and reimbursements.
Collins and Heller voted to keep Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid out of the budget resolution ACA attack process; to exclude any provisions that might undermine gains in children's health; and to shut out any provisions that would "make people with disabilities and chronic conditions sick again," by allowing a return to medical underwriting or caps on annual or lifetime caps on benefits.
The 2010 federal health law classified mental health and addiction services among the essential health benefits that must be covered by small and individual plans, without annual or lifetime caps on benefits.
Regulations on health insurance, limiting insurers' ability to impose lifetime caps on coverage or exclude customers who have pre-existing illnesses, will remain.
It does expand insurance coverage and eliminate lifetime caps, as well as promise payment for moving those uninsured into private insurance programs.
Some of these provisions include prohibiting insurance careers from rejecting coverage due to pre-existing conditions, requiting inclusion of women's preventive services in new coverage, eliminating lifetime caps, expanding coverage to young adults 26 and under on their parents' plans, and establishing the 80/20 role--no more than 20 percent of your premium dollars can be spent on administration.
Insurance companies can no longer place lifetime caps on coverage or withdraw coverage because of a simple mistake on their application form.
This decision protects important improvements, such as ending coverage denials due to pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps on insurance, and allowing the 2.
Provisions in the bill will provide healthcare to 30 million uninsured Americans as well as eliminate annual and lifetime caps on insurance benefits and the ability for insurers to reject people for pre-existing conditions.