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A property owner who rents property to a tenant.


A person who owns real estate and rents it to someone, allowing the renter to live and/or use the real estate in exchange for a fee. The fee is also called rent and is usually paid once per month. In exchange for the rent, the landlord is responsible for the basic upkeep of the property. For example, if the roof collapses, the landlord, rather than the renter, must pay for it. Landlords usually may not deduct the interest they pay on the mortgages of their properties from their taxable incomes, but the rent can provide a steady income with little or no actual work. A female landlord is called a landlady. See also: Passive income.


The owner of property rented to another. The landlord's interest is called a reversionary interest, while the tenant's interest is possessory.

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He also worked for its predecessor, the National Licensed Victuallers Association.
The Licensed Victuallers Association is furious at the price slashing as pubs fight for customers.
SIR - If John Price of the Licensed Victuallers of Wales were really concerned about the future of his members, he would welcome the introduction of smoke free legislation in Wales as the most important health reform in decades.
Licensed Victuallers Association member Steve Jones, who is the landlord of the Three Horseshoes pub in Sheep Street, Rugby, said the new licences could result in landlords paying hundreds of pounds every year.
Huddersfield landlords really did knock the spots off the opposition when they won the Licensed Victuallers Association tournament for the third year running.
But John Hudson, president of licensees' organisation the Federation of Licensed Victuallers, disputed the pounds 1bn figure.
A Licensed Victuallers Association spokesman said: "Members are worried that they might fall foul of the law.
Joanna Harrington with the Licensed Victuallers James Patrick Harrington during his early days.
Tony Payne, of the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Association, said: "It will drive more people to supermarkets where beer, wine and vodka is cheap.
At Licensed Victuallers Wales we are concerned for the future of our members and the Irish experience shows why.
Councillor Paul Cannon said: 'Rhondda Cynon Taf council is always looking to improve taxi services for local residents, with the help of local trade organisations such as our taxi associations, Pubwatch scheme and Licensed Victuallers Association.

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