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Legal risks are inevitable in virtually all business ventures, even if each business partner is seeking to act as reasonable and bona fide as possible.
With the ever growing pervasion of the business world by social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, it is time for a comprehensive and detailed guide for non-attorneys to avoid possible legal risks.
Meanwhile, Ye is leading a task force (“Dratle Law Committee”) that aims to pioneer models through which corporations can evaluate legal risks and form strategies to optimize refined legal risk management ROI.
Summary: James Murdoch has admitted to the Leveson Inquiry that News International failed to pick up on legal risks
This financial crisis highlights the importance of the work by McCormick, daring because not even the financial markets understand the legal risks involved, and few lawyers, if any, would really understand the complexity of all the financial products.
Ten years ago, operational and legal risks would have been the most significant threat.
The better a firm understands the legal risks it must face, the better it will be able to plan to avoid, or at least to minimize, these risks.
The agencies issued the guidance because they were concerned that some institutions may not have an adequate understanding of the risks associated with bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), including liquidity, operational, reputational, and compliance or legal risks.
A features section carries articles on a variety of legal, medical and management issues, including such topics as medical non-compete agreements, serving as an expert witness, tort reform, legal risks of hosting a medical web site and Medicare reimbursement.
The guidance focuses on how the institutions should address safety and soundness considerations, manage legal risks and apply best practices in administering such programs and offering them to consumers.