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Hence, the consideration for Petron's leasehold rights is not only the rental payments provided for in the Lease Agreements but the conveyance of the properties to PNOC,' Petron told Lista in the same letter.
Based on our discussions with the competent authorities, we have been informed that 1% of the annual rent value is payable in cases of residential lease agreements; 10% of the annual rent value is payable for commercial lease agreements.
Clarkson Insurance Agency recommends a legal review of all lease agreements before committing to any legal arrangement.
Accordingly, your letters - because they deny without legal causes Petron's contractual right to renew - constitute fundamental breach of the three lease agreements.
This lease agreement is effective 1 January 2017 and the hotel property will then be reclassified from operator activities to property management by the company.
Others can also receive the lease agreement copies of the plots assigned to them against their surrendered land to develop airport from Cidco Bhavan.
During the course of proceedings, the Federation supported the point of view of the petitioner and said that the lease agreement was illegal.
Aircraft leasing company Air Lease Corporation (ALC) (NYSE:AL) revealed on Monday that it has signed lease agreements for ten twin-aisle aircraft.
Practice tip: The deductibility of rents between related parties is essentially determined by the facts and circumstances; thus, it is wise for the member and the LLC to build evidence at the onset of the lease to support the reasonableness of the rent called for in the lease agreement.
While you may have no equipment to keep or sell at the end of the lease agreement, it's usually not easy for the average business to unload used PCs, printers, and fax machines.
Starting in FY2003, XNA began operating as a self-supporting enterprise; however, an industry standard compensatory airline lease agreement was implemented in FY2004 leading to stronger operating margins and resulting cash balances.
Starting from 26 October 2015, Estonian Air aircraft CRJ700 will serve the Eurebro-Copenhagen route based on wet lease agreement.