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Starting in 2014, the FERC, continuing to expand its surveillance capabilities, began receiving a daily feed of data from the CFTC's Large Trader Report, which includes the open financial positions for natural gas and electric products that are traded on exchanges for each large trader.
26) These regulations such as the limit-up-limit-down mechanism, erroneous trade rules, market access regulations, and large trader reporting rules substantially limit the possibility future flash crashes.
The report also discussed recent improvements to FERC s surveillance capabilities, including FERC s gaining access to data from the Consumer Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Large Trader Report and FERC s ongoing efforts to determine if market manipulation contributed to the historically high natural gas and electric prices that occurred during the 2014 polar vortex events.
The survey focused on top traders of machinery, industry services, vehicles and household goods, while large trader, by employment rate, had the highest expectations.
The reporting to a Market Authority of large trader positions for relevant on-exchange commodity derivatives contracts (Principle 12);
Irwin and Philip Garcia, University of Illinois, "Bubbles, Food Prices, and Speculation: Evidence from the CFTC's Daily Large Trader Data Files"
In this regard, there's worry that an LEI blessed by the OFR could conflict not just with any CFTC swap identifier, but also with separate identifiers prescribed by the SEC's proposed Large Trader Reporting System (LTRS) and Consolidated Audit Trail System (CATS).
On that occasion it took more than five hours for this large trader to execute the first 75,000 contracts of a large sell programme.
The SEC is also considering the imposition of a large trader reporting system and consolidated audit trail to provide a clearer understanding of market events for analysis.
The SEC voted April 14 to create a large trader reporting system that would enhance its ability to identify large market participants, collect information on their trades, and analyze their trading activity.
Provide a daily report on large trader positions in each linked contract for all contract months in a format that can be integrated into CFTC's market surveillance systems and its weekly Commitment of Traders report, including appropriate categorization of traders and their positions.
In addition, the Farm Bill requires that trading in significant price discovery contracts be subject to the CFTC's large trader reporting system.

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