land improvement

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Land Improvement

The addition of buildings or beauty to a piece of real estate. A land improvement can be as simple as a new coat of paint or a better maintained lawn, or it may involve something more complicated like tearing down an existing house and building a mansion. In any case, a land improvement increases the value of the property. It is sometimes simply called an improvement.

land improvement

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Lake Matarai persisted the longest due to its deepest depression, but even it disappeared a few decades after the large-scale land amelioration was concluded in the former area of the Dubiciai glaciolacustrine basin in 1958-59.
About 150-100 years ago the final natural drainage of the basin took place, which in the 1950s was developed further by artificial drainage through land amelioration works.
Remnants of the old Lake Dubiciai ceased to exist after the land amelioration works were carried out in 1958-59.

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