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The land reform makes provisions for the establishment of the basic land price and will allow the creation of a healthy land market in Ukraine.
The time to accelerate the pace of land reform in South Africa has arrived.
It will take a long time before we see the benefits of land reform because the infrastructure was destroyed and the new farmers don't have support.
That was all Zimbabwe needed to embark on a radical land reform programme that today has resettled over 300,000 black families, spread over 4,500 farms or 7.
The Minister of Lands and Resettlement had a high regard for the positive contribution of the Namibia Agricultural Union to the debate on Land Reform.
In the international media and beyond, the accepted wisdom has been that land reform in Zimbabwe has been a tale of unmitigated disaster.
The Basnet Commission has a number of recommendations based on scientific land reform and claims to be vastly different, more updated, and advanced from earlier ones.
9) Moreover, the establishment of responsive and transparent government institutions was an equally important aspect of land reform in the South-East Asian context, which remained largely missing in South America.
Taiwan, South Korea, and Egypt--the first two yesterday's developing countries -- achieved rapid success in their rural development because they had vigorous land reform and emphasised, as the backbone of their highly successful economic development, the role of the small peasant farmer.
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