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These labour supply shocks have contained wage growth in the face of robust employment growth.
So far, initiatives adopted by both labour-sending and labour-receiving countries comprise enhancing the skills of labourers, upgrading the recruitment process, ensuring a balance between labour supply and demand, and helping workers adapt to foreign employment.
We also find that there is no consistency in the methodology for measuring labour supply elasticities.
Paul de Hek & Frank van Erp, Analyzing Labour Supply of Elderly People 45 (2009), available at http://www.
The literature points to the existence of an increased labour supply due to spousal unemployment, known as the 'added worker' effect.
Youth Labour Supply and the Minimum Hours Constraint-The Case of Single Males.
The Impact of the Tax Reform in 2004 on the Female Labour Supply in Japan.
There are significant limitations to our understanding of the complexity and uncertainty in forecasting labour supply and demand.
The principal explanation is that the number of students and sick persons outside the labour force was still rising, limiting labour supply.
As a result, some workers may need to change jobs or employers to attain their preferred number of hours, or what Boheim and Taylor call their "desired level of labour supply.
In its report, Watson Wyatt predicts Canada's labour supply will grow more slowly than the population .
Supermarkets need to be particularly flexible on labour supply, so the use of gangmasters and employment agencies to source temporary labour is vital.

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