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To obtain a reasonable representation of LUF for the entire state of West Virginia such that variability owing to differences in species composition, harvest type, market proximity, and terrain was captured, harvests were stratified based on the three USDA Forest Service FIA units (Alderman and Luppold 2005) in West Virginia.
In the northeastern United States, which includes West Virginia, a single set of LUFs have been in use, despite wide variation in forests, species, and markets.
While not every frequency decline will trigger the load management receiver, Cannon's LUF devices will be an important tool in preventing outages caused by under-frequency events.
We have offered LUF in receivers for a long time, but its value is more evident now as distribution systems are under more stress.
The consolidated result reflects the impact of LUF 1,488 million start-up losses on new business, an item which amounted to LUF 656 million in 1994, as well as net exceptional income of LUF 1,578 million, compared with LUF 358 million in 1994.
For members~ needs for products in the energy industry signs VEaRMEK, after tendering under LUF agreement with one or more suppliers.