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Lisbon Stock Exchange (LSE)

Stock exchange trading stocks, bonds, and unit trusts. The BVL general index is the exchange's official index.

London Stock Exchange

A stock exchange in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest exchanges in the world and its movements are indicative of the state of the larger market. More than 3200 stocks, bonds, and derivatives are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Many indices, notably the FTSE 100 track securities on the London Stock Exchange. It was established in 1801 but traces its origins to the British East India Company at the end of the 17th century.


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During the meeting, the LSE Chairman placed on record highest appreciation for the directors, Dr.
A Borse Dubai spokesperson told Gulf News that LSE share prices have been at their all-time highs and it was decided that it's the appropriate time to monetise it.
Borse Dubai, a holding company owned by the emirate's wealth fund, had purchased a 28 per cent LSE stake for $21 per share in 2007 as part of a complex, wider deal with US bourse operator Nasdaq.
Meanwhile, the LSE Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Aftab Ahmed Chaudhry congratulated the stakeholders and management of the new listed Company M/s.
83pc stake in LSE Group in an overnight accelerated bookbuild process'.
There was also a special lunchtime session, on 'Leveraging Asia's Success', which was led by LSE Professor Tim Besley.
The LSE Student Recruitment Officer expressed her keenness to strengthen LSE's ties with the Crown Prince's International Scholarship Program, praising the CPISP's objective to provide the best educational opportunities for outstanding Bahrainis to study at top international universities.
Lord Harry Woolf, a former Chief Justice of England and Wales, was hired by LSE in March to investigate several aspects of the school's dealings with Gadhafi's Libya.
The feedback by the participants would assist the LSE to construct a roadmap for the effective service delivery to its bulk investors, the Exchange spokesman said here Monday.
We're looking for a new name for the group - something that will reflect the international nature of the enlarged entity," an LSE spokesman said.
The US exchange is prevented from making another approach for the LSE until next February, a year after it conceded defeat on a pounds 2.
While the LSE and Borsa Italiana will continue to trade under their current names, the combined company will take a new name to reflect the new international profile of the business.