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Asbell, CityScape Properties, LLC (Kansas City, MO)
For electing large LLCs, the statute of limitations (SOL) runs for three years from the later of the last day for filing the LLC's return or the date such return was actually filed.
SME Equipment LLC Sterlco, Division of Sterling Inc.
Innovatix Interactive Medical Developments LLC Key Rehabilitation Kindred Pharmacy Services Kindred Rehab Services McKesson Corp.
If an LLC member fails the general test simply because he or she participates in the partnership's trade or business more than 500 hours during the entity's tax year, the member still may be considered a limited partner if (1) he or she has only one class of interest and (2) immediately after acquiring that interest
Still, the LLC form is well-suited to many businesses.
Then, the IRS indirectly helped propel the LLC into contention when in late 1988 it ended a long period of uncertainty over how it would treat domestic LLCs by issuing Rev.
The LLC structure also avoids having to set up the additional general partner corporation, so administratively, there is only one entity per building, and only one tax return.
SKBA Capital Management, LLC (SKBA) serves as sub-advisor to a portion of the AHA Diversified Equity Fund.
If an LLC is required to register as a foreign LLC, the operating agreement should specify which state's law will govern the LLC's operations.
Generally, state laws provide that an LLC will dissolve on the death of a member or on some other triggering events, but they allow continuation of the LLC by unanimous consent of the remaining members.