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In January of 2014, Tim Carney wrote in the Washington Examiner that the federal government is still going to try to push compact fluorescents down everyone's throat and that LED bulbs will never be cheap enough for people to afford for their homes.
97 for the 60-watt day light, the Cree LED bulbs save 84 percent of the energy compared to traditional incandescents.
Panasonic's new LED bulbs have responded such demands with the two key technologies: "optical design technology that spreads light using a combination of LED packages arranged in a circular pattern inside a large globe and a double reflector structure" and a "high heat dissipation technology with the circuit arranged above the LED packages in order for the circuit parts to be away from the body where the heat converges.
9 W standard type LED bulbs deliver the brightness equivalent to 60 W incandescent bulbs5).
Color: In order to find an LED bulb that has a color temperature[1] similar to the incandescent bulbs most people are use to, go for a cooler white light at 4,000 Kelvin or a warmer, yellow light at 2,700 Kelvin.
It is estimated that the households will benefit ` 162 per annum as savings in electricity bill ( at current average tariff) for each LED bulb, exceeding ` 120 purchase cost per LED.
One of the best deals in this initiative is a dimmable Energy Star 60W equal standard-shape Soft White LED bulb for just $3.
Also, 60 percent of the electricity that goes into a LED bulb produces light, making them less costly to use.
Worth mentioning is that Nan Ya Photonics will then become the world's first LED bulb supplier with fully automated production lines.
2) As a standard type LED bulb, as of September 10, 2009.