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35) Tellingly, the authors failed to mention that the latter constituted a breach of Lao sovereignty.
After an absence of 4 years, HPAI in poultry in Laos was shown to be caused by an emergent reassortant influenza A(H5N6) virus.
Lao She's influences extended beyond the literary as his novel engaged with a range of popular texts.
The Universe Unraveling: American Foreign Policy in Cold War Laos.
Laos, the third poorest country in Southeast Asia after Myanmar and Cambodia, is intent on catching up with its wealthier neighbors as infrastructure develops in the region, facilitating trade with Thailand and China, attracting foreign investment and boosting the country's tourism industry.
Lao-Hmong villagers were arbitrarily attacked by Lao soldiers who killed four Hmong people and wounded one other," said Vaughn Vang, President of the Wisconsin- and Minnesota-based LHRC.
Between January and June 2012, the Lao government reportedly seized 29 kg of heroin (almost twice as much as in same period of previous year), 15.
Through this agreement, PSVB will start enabling its merchants to accept JCB cards around July 2013 as well as acquiring new merchants where JCB cardmembers likelyvisit, thus contributing to a much more comfortable payment environment for JCB cardmembers visiting Laos.
The Lao Evangelical Church (LEC) is one of two Protestant churches in Laos that is officially recognized by the government of the Lao PDR.
Ambassador Aisola termed the contract signing as a historic moment in the relationship between India and Laos.
Lao PDR is trying to develop as the battery of Asia -- a developer of hydropower to export electricity to the region.
Saule was received by Somdi Duongdi, Lao Minister of Finance, and Liane Thykeo, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.