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1. See: Swap.

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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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The SwitchCluster is fully interoperable with the existing ForeRunner ASX-100 ATM LAN switch.
User and mobility-aware wireless LAN switch - 3Com Wireless LAN Switch WX1200
While the wireless LAN switch market is at an early stage of development, reaching $12.
The solution features layers of built-in security, including wire-speed encryption, and was the first wireless LAN switch to be Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.
Each EthIR LAN switch comes standard with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capability, which is used by UPS to monitor and manage each switch across the country from a central location in UPS' Timonium, MD Information Systems site.