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We should put further pressure on the government to pressurise the US to sign the Kyoto agreement - and also the developing industrial nations like China and India.
At home it is a high priority and recently they have admitted that they were expecting too much to have a 16% reduction by 2010 but should meet the 12% put forward by the Kyoto Agreement.
In view of the Kyoto agreement, the purchase of emission permits represents, for the economic players, potential financial "losses".
However, at the time of writing, a delegation of Australian government officials is in the Moroccan city of Marrakech working to extract the very part of the Kyoto agreement that gives it its power -- its legal teeth.
The EU is supposed to cut emissions by 8 per cent by 2010 under the Kyoto Agreement which is being finalised at an international conference in Morocco.
Japanese officials at the climate talks said Australia's position would not affect negotiations on the treaty, since enforcement of the Kyoto agreement does not depend on Australian ratification.
The basic premise of these economists, reported in the Wall Street Journal on August 7, is that the Kyoto agreement is unworkable since it would three the phase-out of a vast amount of capital equipment well before the end of its useful life, causing--you guessed it--economic havoc.
If they won't trim the Kyoto agreement according to our specifications, we'll take our globe and go home.
1 rated motors are being encouraged by governments as part of their commitment to the Kyoto agreement, and to reduce the capital cost premium Baldor is supporting their new products with free analysis software called SavePlus.
The Kyoto agreement, negotiated and signed in 1997 under U.
Under the Kyoto agreement, the UK is committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 12.