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There were a lot of tears in there, and then Kev walks in with this big smile on his face," Lon Kruger told ESPN.
This is why I came here, to share moments and memories like this with my family and these guys," said Kevin Kruger, the senior starting point guard who leads the seventh-seeded Runnin' Rebels (30-6) into the Midwest Regional semifinals Friday against No.
Everything seemed to come together at just the right time last year to bring Kevin Kruger to Las Vegas.
Jack Kruger never felt sorry for himself, not even when doctors told him he couldn't play soccer or that he'd have to walk with crutches for a long time or that he might never be able to play sports like all his friends.
Tim Kruger was determined that his son not fall behind the other kids in the league because of his disorder.
When the ball shot off Kruger's bat and he took off running, it was as if a cloud of anxiety that hung over the Kruger family had lifted.