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This contrasted with my typical AME experience, which was to have an assistant rip through the vision and hearing stuff and then for the doctor to come in, kick the tires and sign the form.
As far as making sure plants are primed for production, there are three golden opportunities over the next year for aggregates producers to kick the tires on new iron or bolt-on new components to an existing plant.
She added, "Our membership is technology based so I think we have the perfect population to really kick the tires and pressure test new ways of making purchases.
Now, the earliest the RCN can expect to kick the tires on a newly built AOPS vessel will not be until 2018.
But low prices are prompting buyers to kick the tires of something a little larger.
We believe our organization provides both of these and we will be encouraging former members to rejoin and newer agents to kick the tires for a year.
Just imagine--a chance to kick the tires on new products, without even leaving your home office.
Nearly 600 high school students will gather at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on May 10 to kick the tires and stand inside the wheel well of a 737 jet while learning about careers in aviation during the sixth annual Alaska Airlines Aviation Day.
It also gives companies that sell logging equipment, such as the Eugene-based Pap Group, a chance to show customers, and potential customers, their newest offerings, let them kick the tires and, hopefully, buy.
This owner's manual lets teens kick the tires as they learn to drive their new-model brains.
Attendees had the opportunity to walk around and kick the tires of a wide-range of Kobelco excavators on display and to take a tour of the company's offices and parts facility.
One of the most talked about programs at the 2012 Healthcare Design Conference was the Patient Experience Simulation Lab and Workshop, where participants got the chance to kick the tires, so to speak, on a live patient space through both virtual and physical models.