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The reason for this is that Keynesian policies are assumed to be useful in the presence of idle resources, not in equilibrium, when the problem that Keynesian policies seek to fix is already solved.
Europeans who are considering Keynesian policies are faced with the costly legacy of past public-investment projects.
When the American economy came to the brink of collapse in 2008 and the great recession began, both the Bush and later the Obama administration adopted Keynesian policies.
Too much focus on structural problems, at the expense of Keynesian policies, will make the long run unachievable -- and hence irrelevant.
Krugman's lawyer said although he is going through a debt crisis, he still supports Keynesian policies.
The editors of this collection point in their introduction to a less remarked 'second' New Zealand social contract that embodied a statist and centralist consensus built around the welfare state and the Keynesian policies of the first Labour Government (1935-49).
Keynesian policies for fiscal stimulus encompass the use of temporary tax cuts, or increases in government spending (transfers or purchases) to increase aggregate demand during a recession, when aggregate demand is too weak to generate normal production and employment.
Keynesians have persistently ignored self-correcting market forces and the depressing effect on long-run economic productivity of escalating government spending and budget deficits caused by the interaction between Keynesian policies and political incentives.
This provided the necessary sociopolitical base for the acceptance of Keynesian policies.
Short term Keynesian policies should be for that time period, not going on over an extended length of time.
These recent Keynesian policies (enacted because it was "foolhardy" to even contemplate non-action), rather than helping, have actually prevented or postponed recovery.
By then, Gibbs and Leech argue, with neo-liberalism guiding both provincial and federal governments in Canada, the state-owned steel plant and coal mines had become "quintessential examples of the failure of Keynesian policies.