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6 billion KZT in total, according to the financial statement as of Q3 of 2014.
There are 432 projects worth more than 75 billion KZT approved in the program of "Business Road Map - 2020" in Astana.
The price of one liter AI-92 gasoline rose in Kazakhstan from 115 KZT to 128 KZT in late August 2014.
8 billion KZT within the Industrialization Map, the meeting noted.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- The total volume of investments in the reconstruction of Astana Airport in Kazakhstan will be equal to 60 billion KZT ($331.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- Kazakh national currency KZT is strong enough, despite the negative impact from the outside, the Ministry of National Economy of the country told Trend Nov.
The bank will significantly reduce government funding by purchasing 51mn shares from SK (31% of its stake in the bank) for KZT 24bn (at KZT 475 per share).
EVENT: Halyk Bank posted revenue of KZT 125,17 billion (-6.
The Currency Swap Arrangement has been made for a total amount of 7 billion CNY / 200 billion KZT.
The service said that at the same time the borrowed funds fell by 51 billion KZT (6.
During the 9 months 2014 the Bank recorded a KZT 7.