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The performance report demonstrates that the company has fulfilled client's expectation in the SGX & KLSE stock markets with profitable stock trading picks.
Figure 1 presents the efficient frontier of a mixed asset portfolio consisting of Shariah-compliant listed construction companies, KLSE Plantation and KLSE Consumer Products for the period of 1993 to 2013.
Hoping to expand their investment base to include these government-linked institutional investors, XAM proposed a schema wherein government agencies would devolve their shares in listed companies (which amounted to controlling shares in most of the top KLSE companies) to a new entity which would then create units to be devolved to an ETF.
Accordingly, the securities of AUTOWAY will be removed from the Official List of the KLSE at 9:00 a.
KLSE listed, Green Packet Berhad is a leading global developer of next generation mobile broadband networking solutions.
KLSE Executive Chairman Mohamad Azlan Hashim said in a statement the implementation of the circuit breaker would have a beneficial impact in times of uncertain external influences on the stock market.
A condition for the offer is that Danasaham wants to control at least 90% of UEM shares as the government intends to delist UEM from the KLSE.
Sally Cheong, Bumiputra Entrepreneurs on the KLSE, Vol.
Yet it would appear that in recent years, although this remains an indicative inference at present, the KLSE turnover rates suggest a good mobilization of capital internally ever since 1992.
A subsidiary company, KLSE, was formed to sell technology worldwide, especially to eastern Europe, where the process offers significant advantages.
Performance analyses will be carried out for each listed construction companies index (29 Shariah compliant, 7 non-Shariah compliant) [4] to be assessed with KLCI and other KLSE sectors from 1993-2013.