Junior issue

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Junior issue

A debt or equity issue from one corporation over which the issue of another firm takes precedence with respect to dividends, interest, principal, or security in the event of liquidation.

Junior Issue

A security that has a lower priority compared to another in the event of liquidation. That is, if a company goes bankrupt and is liquidated, holders of secured debt must be paid before the holders of unsecured debt. Holders of unsecured debt must be paid before preferred shareholders, and finally, preferred shareholders must be satisfied before common shareholders. In the forgoing, each security is a junior issue compared to the previous one. See also: Absolute Priority Rule.
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The senior notes also contain a replacement capital covenant that will prevent the company from purchasing any of its junior securities without the advance written consent of the holders of a majority of the senior notes by principal amount, unless such purchase is funded with proceeds from the issuance of new junior securities.
38-year average life and A$26mn of junior securities with a 2.
The hybrid notes rank pari passu among themselves and they will also be junior to MAF's junior securities.
I began my in-house career as a junior securities lawyer at Time Warner in the corporate office--an ideal in-house position.
The establishment of this Group adds another component to our alternative asset management business of investing predominately in the junior securities of private companies.
Pursuant to the terms of the instrument, the obligation to pay is triggered and payments are deemed to be declared if the bank or any of its subsidiaries declares or pays capital payments, dividends or other distributions on any parity or junior securities or redems, repurchases or otherwise acquires any parity or junior securities - even if BayernLB does not report a distributable profit.
The hybrid notes rank pari passu among themselves; and they will also be junior to MAF's junior securities.
Pre-Authorized Texas Genco Funding Baskets: Junior Securities at RRI: Unlimited Potential asset sales: $500 million (will be increased to $650 million if the sale of the company's European business is consummated) Debt or Equity at Texas Genco: Up to 50% of Texas Genco enterprise value
8 billion alongside leading private equity sponsors in mezzanine, second lien, preferred & common equity, and other junior securities.
26, 1997, had received duly executed and unrevoked consents to amend the indentures pursuant to which the Securities were issued from holders of approximately 83% and 79% of the aggregate outstanding principal amount (excluding any Securities owned by Regency or any affiliate of Regency and excluding the receipt of notices of guaranteed delivery) of the Senior Securities and the Junior Securities, respectively.
Fitch recently announced a pending change to its ratings and notching of hybrid securities which is expected to result in the ratings of many performing hybrids that rank as junior securities being downgraded by one notch.
26, 1997, unless extended and (ii) the total amount payable for the Senior Securities and the Junior Securities is $1,105.

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