jumbo certificate of deposit

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Jumbo certificate of deposit

A certificate of deposit in increments of $100,000.

Jumbo Certificate of Deposit

A certificate of deposit of large value, usually more than $1 million, that can be bought and sold, but not redeemed before maturity. See also: Negotiable CD.

jumbo certificate of deposit

A certificate of deposit with a denomination of $95,000 or more. Jumbo certificates of deposit are negotiable and ordinarily carry slightly higher interest rates than smaller certificates.
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For safety and security, all funds are bundled into $250,000 Jumbo Certificates of Deposit, which are fully insured by the FDIC.
4 per cent to deposits, excluding jumbo certificates of deposit.
MuniAuction and its private-label clients have hosted auctions of bonds, notes, jumbo certificates of deposit and investment contracts totaling over $6 billion since November 1997.
All of the bank's brokered and retail jumbo certificates of deposit ("CDs"), totaling approximately $550 million, were sold in the transaction.
Express Data was incorporated in 1986 with the mission of providing a forum for matching institutional buyers and sellers of Jumbo Certificates of Deposit.
B) Total deposits excluding jumbo certificates of deposit and brokered deposits
In addition to consumer credit products and services, Direct Merchants Bank also offers Jumbo Certificates of Deposit for personal or business investments.
7 million reduction in jumbo certificates of deposit (i.
In order to reduce the company's heavy reliance on the securitization market for funding, Metris has begun to diversify its funding sources to include jumbo certificates of deposit issued through DMCCB, as well as senior unsecured debt through the parent company.
0 million reduction in jumbo certificates of deposit, which was consistent with the corporate objective of reducing the level of wholesale deposits.
S&P upgraded the ratings on Washington Mutual's subordinated debt to BBB- from BB, preferred stock to BB+ from BB and jumbo certificates of deposit to BBB/A-2 from BBB-/A-3.