Joint stock company

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Joint stock company

A form of business organization that falls between a corporation and a partnership. The company sells stock, and its shareholders are free to sell their stock, but shareholders are liable for all debts of the company.

Joint Stock Company

A company that issues stock and requires shareholders to be held liable for the company's debt. In other words, a joint stock company combines features of a general partnership, in which owners of a company split profits and liabilities, and a publicly-traded company, which issues stock that shareholders are able to buy and sell on an exchange. See also: Publicly-traded partnership.
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In the future, it will be possible to privatize small state enterprises and facilities, joint-stock companies through electronic auction.
Further, there were e-registrations for 8145 single traders, 5 Omani closed joint-stock companies (Subject to the act of foreign investments), 1325 general partnerships, 11 international company branches, a commercial mandate office, and finally a general partnership firm (Subject to the Act of foreign investments).
The approach to intellectual capital increasing value added in joint-stock companies
Techcom Bank (Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint-Stock Bank), Since 2014
We are currently conducting a study to establish a joint-stock company that will comprise as many Saudi contractors as possible," said Yousuf Al Tarifi, deputy chairman of Ihsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and head of the Contractors' Committee, was quoted as saying by Arabic daily Alyoum, according to Zawya Projects News.
The transformation of a governmental organization into a joint-stock company is conducted based on a decision taken by the body authorized to manage the state property, without holding a constituent assembly.
Joint-Stock Company (AD) is a company that has, by its Charter, a defined capital (basic capital) divided in equal parts (shares).
from investments in joint-stock companies, which operated in the red in 2012.
The Vietnamese banking market is proving attractive for global sector players, with another foreign investor, Singapore's United Overseas Bank (SIN:U11) raising its stake in Vietnamese lender Southern Commercial Joint-Stock Bank to 19.
According to the statistics, the 7 joint-stock companies include Iranian members of the board of directors.
ANKARA, Jan 3, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish State Minister & Deputy Premier Ali Babacan has said that they wanted to turn Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) into a joint-stock company.
Summary: Riyadh, July 06, 2010, SPA -- Jarir Marketing Company (a local joint-stock company) announced that it gained profits of SR 75 million in the second quarter of this year compared to SR 72 million in the same period last year.

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