Joint tax return

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Joint tax return

Tax return filed by two people, usually spouses.

Joint Tax Return

A tax return filed by a married couple. Joint tax returns are advantageous, as husbands and wives usually have a lower tax liability filing together than they would filing separately.
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The largest category of women were those whose W-2 earnings made up at least 25 percent, but less than 50 percent (25 percent under 50 percent) of the total wage income on a joint tax return.
Section 6015(c) applies when the income which accounts for the tax liability would have been properly allocated to the other spouse if they had filed separate tax returns instead of a joint tax return.
In a year that a spouse dies, a taxpayer can file a joint tax return for that year and continue to do so for up to two years after the year of death if the "surviving spouse" meets certain qualifications.
Beginning for the tax year of 2005, the basic standard deduction for married taxpayers filing joint tax returns will be increased to eventually equal 200 percent of the basic standard deduction for single taxpayers.
Spouses who file joint tax returns are jointly and severally liable for the tax shown on the return.
The taxpayer had owned the original home for over 15 years and the taxpayers together as a married couple filing a joint tax return had owned it for over 10 years; they had occupied the original home as their principal residence until it was demolished; and, it is assumed, they had not used the Sec.
Interests are offered to accredited investors only -- those that have either $1 million in net worth or have earned $200,000 per year for the past two consecutive years, or $300,000 per year if filing a joint tax return.
Taxpayers that filed a joint tax return each receive a copy of the notice at their last known address.
The regulations point out that if the taxpayer is married, he or she must file a joint tax return.
The Internal Revenue Code does provide one provision whereby the innocent spouse can escape liability even though you and your spouse have filed a joint tax return.
Spouses who file a joint tax return are jointly and severally liable for the entire tax that is due.
In early 2007, H engages J to prepare the couple's joint tax return for 2006.

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