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The Highland Park Job Center is a "one-stop shopping" center, a cooperative venture between MESC and other state and local agencies, which consolidates government programs and services in one location.
PeopleScape, leading recruitment firm for fast-growth startup and mid-size Internet companies, today announced that it will provide online recruiting services for Industry Standard Magazine's online New Gig Job Center.
Potentially eligible claimants have been identified by the Job Center system and will be notified by mail of the procedure to follow to file claims for benefits, retroactive to Oct.
The Job Center Housing strategy proposes public policy reforms that will help maximize land-use opportunities in California's high job-growth areas and reducing housing costs.
Veterans and employers wanting additional information can contact their local Job Center veterans representative, a federal veterans center in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, or call the Veterans Administration Regional Office toll-free at 800-827-1000.
PITTSBURGH, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- On-site recruitment will begin Monday, June 2, for future job openings at the Midfield Terminal, according to Joseph Napper, Pittsburgh regional director for Job Center field operations.
18-month emergency lease creating a temporary Job Center in Hatfield Township, Montgomery County.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A national job center that focuses on city, town, and county management has new data showing that job prospects continue to improve for top local government administrators.
Amid massive unemployment among young people, Suleimaniya's Job Center for Students works to assist jobless university and institute graduates.
Starting with about 25 people, many of them recruited through a summer jobs program that was funded with federal stimulus money, the Worcester Community Action Council is aiming to enroll about 100 Worcester residents in the job center over a period of about a year.
The Job Center, Dayton, Ohio, a private-public partnership made up of 47 organizations housed in an 8.
VAN NUYS - A 10,000-square-foot food pantry and job center will open Sunday to meet a growing demand for food for the hungry in the San Fernando Valley.