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The outstanding balance of Japanese government bonds rose 3.
Japanese government bonds (JGB) entered into the longest quarterly rally in nine years, according to Reuters.
The sovereign continues to enjoy exceptionally strong funding conditions, with yields on 10-year Japanese government bonds of around 0.
While the divergence between the monetary base and the money stock continued to expand, the Bank of Japan's reluctant purchases of Japanese government bonds, "unconventional" assets like asset-backed securities and equities from the banks helped to change the composition of the monetary base.
Fukui, for example, in order to initiate genuine supply-side reform, would have to stop the BOJ from buying Japanese government bonds, thereby forcing up long-term interest rates.
As for the downgrading of Japanese government bonds by credit-rating agencies, Shiokawa said, ''I do not think (the ratings) are correct.
dollar eased against the yen Tuesday in Tokyo, led mainly by higher yields of Japanese government bonds.
The contractionary effect of the oil price increases ushered in a period of sizable government deficits, which resulted in a buildup in the outstanding stock of Japanese government bonds.
We have avoided Japanese government bonds because we think low yields bias risk to the downside.
The outstanding balance of Japanese government bonds held by the Bank of Japan hit an all-time high 127.
62 percent to yield 60 basis points over the comparable Number 318 Japanese government bonds.
The central bank remains the largest buyer of Japanese government bonds, of which the government issues about [yen] 30 trillion per year.
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