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Already the fastest and friendliest workers in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, the SUBWAY Sub Jammers are judged on speed, accuracy and sandwich appearance.
Five players from each team are allowed on track - four blockers and one jammer, who is the pointscoring person.
In the 12 years that he worked on the jammers, Diab said that he had received concerns "once or twice" about their functionality.
As we become increasingly reliant on GPS technology, and low-cost jammers are proliferating, so a potential time bomb is being created.
BAE's Electronic Systems division, which employs thousands of people in Now Hampshire, primarily in the Nashua area, specializes in electronic warfare systems similar to the Next-Generation Jammer.
We have proactively developed the ability to geolocate multiple jammers and give law enforcement, port authorities or local governments that critical infrastructure.
It may be mentioned that Government of Pakistan has issued a Policy under which an Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) has been constituted having secretariat in Ministry of IT (MoIT) with mandate to authorize the use of jammers and disabler devices in the context of national security.
The latest concern is the proliferation of jammers which can cause mayhem with GPS technology.
One company, Tracker, claims that it has already developed technology that has outwitted the jammers, but the whole situation is worrying.
had procured 110 Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) jammers for the Pakistani military at a cost of nearly 23 million dollars in 2009 in an effort to ease the threat of the IEDs that have been the main cause of U.
ALF says that it specializes in manufacturing high-quality laser radar jammers for all car models and with global specifications, as well as accepting ODM/ODM orders.