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The island's currency is the Jamaican dollar, although US dollars are widely accepted.
31, 2006 approximately 63% of revenues were generated either in US dollars, Euros or pegged to these currencies, while an important part of restricted group EBITDA is still linked to the Jamaican dollar.
And if they can't get a room, every little patch of green and every park bench is taken up with "Reggae beds" - flattened cardboard boxes sold around town by enterprising kids for a Jamaican dollar each.
He again rejected calls for a devaluation of the Jamaican dollar as an "economic strategy" to make exports more competitive, arguing that the strategy, when used in the past, has only served to destabilize the economy.
Currency: Jamaican dollars are the official currency but US dollars are preferred.
The figure could reach 20 million Jamaican dollars (179,000 dollars) plus costs, but still far from the 180 million (1.
Jamaican paper The Gleaner reported last summer that lottery conmen on the island raked in 25 billion Jamaican dollars - about pounds 18million - from victims in a single year, according to figures it said came from the US embassy.
US dollars, not Jamaican dollars - and remember mosquitoes are rife on beaches at dawn, dusk and after rain.
Her bad behaviour prompted cops to slap her with a fine for 1,000 Jamaican dollars - but the sum translates to a paltry 11 dollars.
And there's another thing you should remember: with the pound buying almost 150 Jamaican dollars, your money will go further than it might in other countries this summer.
They were also told to each pay a 250,000 Jamaican dollars fine - pounds 2,000 - or face a further six months in prison.